Sunday, December 27, 2015

Combatting High Blood Pressure Naturally [Blog Series] {Part 1}

High Blood Pressure-Hypertension or HBP as we will call it occurs in a huge segment of the world's population. HBP increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

HBP is a particularly dangerous disease because there are no real symptoms and often times the patient can go un-diagnosed for a long time. HBP can cause damage to the arteries from the intense pounding of the blood as it courses through the arteries and veins. 
This disease can also cause damage to the heart, vision and kidneys over time if it is uncontrolled.

HBP is considered the silent killer because the symptoms can be virtually unnoticeable. Things like headaches, ringing ears and fatigue are often attributed to other maladies and are not considered immediate dangers. Regular health check ups can help you to catch any pre-hypertensive indications.

One of the main contributors to HBP is lifestyle. There are certain activities and food that will raise your blood pressure. Foods that contain high amounts of sodium can contribute to HBP.

Cigarettes are also a contributor to HBP, Pregnancy, oral contraceptives and lack of activity all can drive your blood pressure up to alarming rates. Drinks containing alcohol also have been linked to raising your blood pressure. 

Weight gain is also a precursor to high blood pressure. The more you weigh, the harder your blood has to be pumped causing HBP.

In many cases, making simple changes and choosing a healthy lifestyle will reduce your Blood Pressure (BP) back to normal levels.

Join me as we review Treatment options in part 2 

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