Saturday, March 5, 2016

Free Kindle book:Legal Information for Amazon and eBay Sellers: Patents and Trademarks

This Kindle Book is free until March 6. 2016
Legal Information for Amazon and eBay Sellers: Patents and Trademarks

 Welcome to the first book covering patent and trademark issues, specifically for e-commerce sellers! 

Anyone engaged in e-commerce has to consider, at some point, the legal aspects of their business. These include tax issues, which are the most common. But in many cases they also include patent and trademark issues. 

How do you make sure the product you plan to sell doesn't infringe someone else's patent or trademark? How do you check if a patent is still active? How do you respond to a demand letter? 

This guide is packed with relevant patent and trademark information based on actual questions from sellers. In addition to providing foundational information, it includes step-by-step instructions on how to find important details for particular legal situations, and describes some of the thought processes behind various legal decisions. It also includes insightful Q&A that shows some of the concerns sellers can have. 

The book comes complete with links to useful online resources for learning more about patents and trademarks. It's a great reference to help sellers bootstrap the IP aspects of their business, before contacting a professional for help.

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