Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Survival Myths That Could Possibly Get You Killed 80-82

Survival myths, a.k.a. urban (wilderness) legends are popular beliefs shared with friends that are usually very wrong. Let’s continue with myths 77-79

Myth 80: The Sky Will Turn Green Before A Tornado

Some people wrongly believe that a green sky indicates that a tornado is about to appear. Sometimes, the sky will turn green during thunderstorms and by extrapolation, when tornadoes might appear. But the sky could turn green for a bunch of other reasons. For example, the light from the reddish sun hitting the blue clouds will create green reflects. That does not mean a tornado is about to destroy your house.

If you see a green sky, pay attention and check with the weather department to know if there is a risk of tornadoes, just to be safe.

Myth 81: If It Is Cold, Just Go Uphill or Look For Higher Ground

This is complete non-sense. The higher you go, the colder it gets (in 90% percent of the cases). Air pressure decreases as altitude increases and there is a direct relation between pressure and air temperate: Pressurized air is hotter than air with less pressure. It's as simple as that. 

Never go uphill if you are cold; you would be better off looking for a shelter in the valley where the weather is warmer.

Myth 82: If You Feel Too Cold in the Wild, Drink Alchohol, As It Will Make You Feel Warmer

Lost in the woods, no food, feeling really cold...what could be better than grabbing some booze and warming up a little? Too bad, this is a terrible idea. 
Alchohol due to its chemical components delivers a "warm feeling" when you drink it. It expands the blood vessels and theextra blood around your skin gets warmer, which sends and instant feeling of warmth to your brain.

However, after the nice warmth you feel at the beginning everything will go downhill. After drinking alchohol, the body overcompensates this heat by lowering the internal temperature. Alchohol also dehydrates the body, which could lead to death by itself. 

Last but not least, alchohol really afects our motor skills and capabilities of making rational choices. Impulsive behavior can easily kill you when you're out in the wild. 

For all these reasons, remember to never drink alcohol if you are lost or injured in the wild. 

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