Friday, July 19, 2019

Eating Your Way to Amazing Sex: [Blog series] {The Finale}

Superfoods for Stimulating Desire:
First Let's address the mood-killing foods for Men and Women that you need to avoid:
Soy: Because Men and Women have testosterone and estrogen, though in different amounts according to sex.  Men can have estrogen levels raised too high by eating soy, loose their sex drive and start displaying more feminine traits. Vegetarians, bodybuilders, and athletes may be prone to these traits if consuming too many protein products with soy. Women may also experience lower testosterone levels than normal. This can affect their libido as well.

Alcohol: Although alcohol can remove inhibitions, it can also be a "mood killer" if too much is consumed before sex. Even the hops in beer may actually lower sexual desire. Gin and tonics have been proven to be a problem for some women as well because of the quinine they contain. *quinine-a bitter crystalline compound present in cinchona bark, used as a tonic and formerly an antimalarial drug.

Fried/Fast Foods: Linked to depression which can lower sex drive.

Refined Carbohydrates: These act similarly to soy by raising estrogen levels and depleting testosterone levels.

Red Meats: Organic Red Meats has been said to benefit your sex life, but with meat, hormones and antibiotics added can mess up your hormone balance.

Mints: Large consummations of mints and mint oils with menthol has been shown to lower testosterone levels and sex drive.

Licorice: Licorice is loaded with T that can have a negative impact on the levels of testosterone. Even women have some testosterone, and it does govern their libido.
Cilantro: Commonly found in Vietnamese and Mexican foods, cilantro can negatively affect libido.
Sugar: Too much sugar in the diet can cause problems with libido by lowering blood flow.

Now let's look at the Superfoods that can make a big difference in your libido, leading to a greater desire for sex. These are the mood-enhancing foods:
Asparagus: This vegetable helps the body produce histamine that is necessary for healthy sex drives in women and men.

Avocados: The avocado tree was known to the Aztecs as ─ühuacatl meaning "testicle tree" because of the fruit's shape. They looked to this fruit for fertility. Not only are avocados shaped like testicles, but they also have good amounts of choline that helps with good blood flow and pleasure receptors. Their high potassium content also gives women's libido a boost.

Bell Peppers: This vegetable has 3131  IU of Vitamin A to help regulate the sex hormone progesterone and boost libido.

*Look for a blog post to include Aakasha's recipe for an avocado salad with bell peppers*

Blueberries: This delicious fruit has good amounts of choline and Vitamin K, both of which are necessary for a good sex drive.

Celery: This crunchy veggie has the hormone androsterone that comes out in Men's sweat and may become an attractive pheromone for women.

Chili Peppers: These have a substance called capsaicin that gives them spice and improves blood flow. They are also very high in Vitamin A (26,000+ IU) Vitamin K.

There are many other Superfoods that can contribute to an amazing sex life such as

dark chocolate, and even non-Super Foods like Oily Fish that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc, which are needed for a strong sex drive so the choice is yours!

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